Yamaha Motor Group Online Service Privacy Policy

Yamaha Motor Group Online Service Privacy Policy

This online service privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as “this Privacy Policy”) applies to application software or online services on the website (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Applications”) using the Yamaha Motor ID provided by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us” or “our”).

For the Applications, in addition to this Privacy Policy or separately from this Privacy Policy, there might be a separate Application Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Application Policy”) that informs you of detailed information related to the handling of customer data. If there is a conflict between this Privacy Policy and the Application Policy for such services, the Application Policy will take precedence.



  1. Information We Collect About You

We collect and use data related to customers who use the Applications (hereinafter referred to as “your data”) after notifying of Application Policy in advance. Your data may include your personal information.

Your data includes information that you enter directly on the Applications, information about your device through the Applications, information about your Yamaha product connected to the Applications, and information about you generated by the Applications.

Your data to be acquired varies depending on the Applications, but generally includes the following information:

  • Profile data(name, gender, date of birth, phone number, e-mail address, social media account, and other contact information)
  • Information about your Yamaha product inputted or connected to the Applications (product name, model name, product identification number, warranty registration information, product status information, service history, etc.)
  • Information about your device(location information, device information, cookie, etc.)
  • Usage history of the Applications(includes operation logs)
  • Contents of inquiries about the Applications


  1. Purpose of use

The Applications may use your data for the following purposes. And it may be used for the following purposes in combination with the information we obtained separately.

  • To perform and provide the Applications (including supplemental and related services)
  • To gather and analyze information such as market research for the purpose of quality improvement and product development.
  • To respond to inquiries, requests and complaints
  • For internal evaluation of the Applications
  • For direct marketing analysis and offers
  • To provide information on our products and services
  • To operate, manage and provide various information for events and campaigns
  • For protection and safety of property and rights
  • To protect network and information asset
  • To comply with laws, regulations, and other rules
  • Other purposes of use to notify customers when using the Applications

Apart from 3. Sharing your data, regardless of the purpose of use, your data may be converted into a data that cannot be identified by individuals, then shared among us as statistical or aggregated data.


  1. Sharing Your Data
  1. Provision to third parties

We may share your data with Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries in the country or region where you live in necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

We will not disclose or provide your data to third parties except in the following cases:

  • When notified by the Application Policy
  • When consent is obtained from you
  • When required by applicable laws and regulations


  1. Provision to contractors

When providing the Applications, we may entrust in whole or in part of its business and provide your data to the contractors within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use. When entrusting the handling of your personal information to the contractors, we will take necessary and appropriate measures in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


  1. Provision to social media

For some of the applications, you can login on the application by using your social media profile, such as Facebook and Google. If you use this option, you may be asked to allow us to use the external service information. You may remove your account from the applicable application at any time or remove this authorization from your social media account.

Please note that if you use your social media account, the relevant social media provider could handle information on your access to the application including your personal data. This information is managed based on the privacy policy of each social media. For details, please refer to each social media website.


  1. International data transfer

As we conduct business activities globally, we may transfer your data to countries or regions where there are no adequate level of laws or regulations regarding the protection of personal information equivalent to the country or region where you live. When transferring your data to other countries, we will take appropriate measures in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


  1. Your Choices

In principle, you will have a choice whether to provide information to us. However, when you use the Applications if you don’t provide your personal information such as e-mail address or phone number, you may not be able to use the Applications, or some of the functions of the Applications do not work properly may occur.


  1. Cookies

The Applications might use cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies. This allows you to provide a better experience when you use the Applications and can improve the Applications. Please see the cookie policy for details.


  1. Security

We have established a management structure for protecting personal information to prevent unauthorized access to your data, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. We take appropriate organizational, physical and technical safety measures as follows:

  • Access to your data is restricted to authorized personnel with a specific purpose.
  • Implement measures to prevent unauthorized access from outside (installation of firewalls, etc.).
  • Access to the system is constantly monitored and access logs are saved.


We recognize the importance of protecting personal information, and take appropriate measures for employees who handle personal information such as giving for training/education to protect personal information.

If any accident such as leakage of personal information occurs, we will appropriately respond to it by investigating all facts and the cause and taking measures to prevent secondary damage and reoccurrence, etc.


  1. Correction and Deletion of Your Data

You can correct a part of your data on the Applications.

If you wish to correct or delete other your data, please contact us through the Applications. We will respond sincerely and appropriately in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Please note that some or all of your data is necessary to fulfill the obligations of applicable laws and regulation and/or provide the Applications functions properly, and some of your data may be retained.

We store your data for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of use, or the period necessary to fulfill the obligations of applicable laws and regulations.


  1. Contact us

If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy, please contact following:

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
2500 Shingai, Iwata-shi, Shizuoka-Ken, 438-8501, Japan

To the extent necessary to deal with inquiries from you, your personal information may be shared with our group companies, distributors, dealers and other business partners in the case where it is difficult to obtain prior consent from you.


  1. Change to this Privacy Policy

We may change, modify, add, or delete the contents of this Privacy Policy from time to time in order to comply with changes in applicable laws and regulations or legitimate business purposes. Any changes we make to this Privacy Policy will be notified through the Applications.


  1. Severability

If any provision of this Privacy Policy is held invalid or unenforceable, wholly or in part, the validity or enforceability of the other provisions shall not be affected thereby.  The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be deemed replaced by such valid and enforceable provision which serves best the economic interest of the Parties that was originally pursued by the invalid or unenforceable provision.


  1. Governing Language

English shall be the governing language of this Privacy Policy. Any version in any other language is for convenience purpose only.

Last updated: 10.26, 2020