Machined ball-point pen

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A ball pen carved out of duralumin blocks that allows for zero gravity writing.

Carved out of duralumin(A2017) blocks、an exquisite ball pen made with complicated internal mechanisms. Aside from the refill catridges, the product is maufactured in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

The refill catridges make use of ones used in the famous Fisher Space Pen (Made in USA) used by NASA, allowing for writing in zero gravity situations.

A ballpen that knows no boundaries of mechanical playfulness.


【Product summary】

  • Size:
    • Case…H30mm×W172mm×D30mm
    • Main body…144mm (Total length),12mm cube (thickness)
    • φ12 (Thickness of clip)
  • Material:Duralumin(A2017)
  • Weight:185g
  • Made in Japan